Summer Activities 2016

Summer Activities 2016

How to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

We know that you're already in the midst of summer planning. Since every student has different needs (including the need for some time off!), we thought we'd make things a little easier by putting together some of best programs available, sorted by your child's interests.


The Artist

Many of the top art and design colleges offer summer programs for high school students to hone their crafts while building their resumes. No matter the medium, there is a program out their for your emerging artist. Here are just a few:

International Center for Photography
School of Visual Arts
Fashion Institute of Technology
Parsons School of Design
Tisch Summer High School


The Engineer

Academic programs at your child's school may simply not be enough to quench his or her thirst for science. If you have an ambitious aspiring scientist or engineer on your hands, many of the top high schools and colleges across the country offer rigorous summer programs that may be just what you're looking for:

Choate Summer Programs
Brown Pre-College Program
Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
Stanford Summer Institutes
Harvard Summer School



The Writer

Many of the stellar academic programs listed above in the Engineer section also have fantastic programs in writing. However, the summer is also a great time for your aspiring writer to get his or her voice out there early by submitting work to competitions:

Scholastic Art & Writing Award
The Writing Conference Writing Contest
Teen Ink Contests
Monthly National Teen Writing Contest


The Athlete

What your student athlete does depends highly on whether or not recruitment is in his or her future. Athletes seeking recruitment participate in sport-specific showcases and communicate with coaches early and often. For the student athlete who wants to spend the summer sharpening his or her skills, sports camps, like the Nike Basketball Camp, are a great way to keep up the practice and stay in shape for the new season.

Every Student

And of course, there are many students who haven't quite figured out where they want to put their focus. Well, lucky for them, the world is their oyster! There are tons of travel and community service programs that are ideal for all kinds of students with varying interests:

Rustic Pathways
Visions Service Adventures
Leysin American School in Switzerland
Where There Be Dragons
Camp Szarvas (Szarvas, Hungary)

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AP Vs SAT 2016

AP Vs SAT 2016

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